Caring for your hot tub doesn’t have to be a headache. Let Atlantis Pool & Spa take care of it for you. We offer weekly and bi-weekly plans to fit your personal need and hot tub usage. Here is what you can expect.

  1. Net and vacuum the hot tub of debris and grit.
  2. Wipe down inner shell and polish as needed.
  3. Test, balance and Sanitize the water according to your established system.
  4. Clean filter as needed.
  5. Clean and treat cover as needed. (As weather permits)
  6. Maintain chemical stock.

Drain, Clean & Refill

It is important for the health of your water for hot tubs to be drained, cleaned and refilled on a regular basis (4-6 months depending on use). Here is what you can expect when you have us do this for you.

  1. Drain & scrub out the tub with non-foaming soap.
  2. Clean the filter.
  3. Clean the shell.
  4. Clean and treat the cover with protectant.
  5. Fill and balance hot tub with your prefered sanitation system. (Chlorine, Bromine, Mineral)