Sometimes I am asked the question “Can I have a chlorine/bromine free hot tub?” The answer is YES… mostly. I have several hot tubs on my maintenance route that are “chlorine free”. My own personal hot tub is also on a system that sanitizes the water apart from chlorine.

I recommend using a mineral stick that uses silver ions as the primary sanitizer. It simply goes inside your filter cartridge and lasts four months. After every use a non chlorine shock or a very low chlorine shock is added to the water. This method of sanitizing water is simple and it costs no more than running your hot tub on traditional sanitizers.

The only time you would add a chlorine shock is if the hot tub is really heavily used and you need to clear it quick. This also works great with an ozonator as well. Call Matt at (208) 283-9927 if you are interested in learning more.

Can I have a chlorine free hot tub?

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